Wednesday, 25 May 2011

What is A Niche?

If you've been wondering aimlessly around the internet trying to make a dollar than and still haven't managed to make a sale then...

Phew! Welcome home =)

You would have heard it at every turn "Find a hungry niche and market to them"

But what is a niche? And how do you find them? And what's a sub-niche? A micro niche?

A niche market is is targeting a specific group of people. A demographic - perhaps a certain age but usually a group attracted to an particular interest, hobby or point in life. Examples? Pregnant women. Dog owners. Artists.

Sub-niches are a market with in a market. For example there are millions of dog owners out there, a sub-niche would target the owners of poodles. When working online however, we seem to do best when we zoom the focus of our campaigns in even further and target a micro-niche -  eg. Poodle owners who live in units. Or single pregnant women over 40. 

See how it targets only a small portion of the sub-niche. This allows you to better cater to the needs of the market and hopefully turn your hard work & aptly targeted info into some well earned dollars.

So how do you market to a sub-niche? You do your research, using long tailed keywords will bring you more information. For example:

Niche - Dog Owners
Sub-niche - Poodle owners 
Micro-niche - Poodles in apartments

And what sort of information would you be looking for if you were a the owner of a poodle and lived on the seventh floor? You would be looking for way to make sure your pet was house trained, had things to keep him busy and methods to keep him quiet lest the neighbours complain...again. 

By typing different phrases or questions (aka keywords) into your search engine (70% of users use Google to surf the web) you will come across different information. The longer and more specific the keywords, the closer the person is to buying. 

For example. If somebody keys in dog training then they probably have a new puppy and are looking for some (free) tips. However, if somebody typed in how too train your dog from chewing on the furniture then they have a problem and they want it fixing - now.

By the way, don't do dog training, it's been done to death!

When you're doing your research, have a look to see if there are adverts (Google AdWords) at the side of the search results - this is a good sign, this means that other people are having success in this market or they wouldn't be paying for adverts.

And how can you target your sub-niche with relevant information? I'm going to let you in on one of the biggest research tools that you will ever come across.


If people have a problems, if they are hungry for a solution they will talk about their problem with other people who have the same problem. Not only will you get to understand the way your niche thinks - their biggest problems and concerns, troubleshooting, etc - you will also find the solutions right there in the same place. Their forums. 

This is a key factor - there is no point trying to sell to a market unless you know who they are and what they need. Don't give this enough thought and you will wind up trying to sell them something they don't want and can't use.

Another question you need to ask, how likely is this sub-niche going to buy what you're selling? Are they hungry for information or hungry for a solution? Do they want to buy diet pills and exercise programs...or are they after diet tips? 

One of the best ways to find a niche marke (another huge tip here) is to take a wander down to your local newsagent. No joke. I promise this will pay off. See all those fancy magazines? Each magazine is a niche market. 

Open up that magazine and take a look at the articles inside - there's your sub-niche! 

See all the adverts? Profitable? Check!!

Each and every one of those articles is targeting a specific demographic of people. Each and every one is is providing information that the micro-niche is looking for. 

Now all you need to do is find a product to match.


  1. I don't really get the full understanding of this niche thing and I know that it's very important when it comes to writing articles.

  2. No worries Donna, that's what we're here for...

    If you were in your magazine aisle looking at different magazines, you would be looking at different niches. You wouldn't find adverts for a cookbook in a tattoo magazine - so yes, it is important to target the right niche with the right articles.

    But even more success is gained from targeting a mirco-niche.

    Let's work backwards if it helps...what are you promoting? Lets say it was a Clickbank ebook about parenting. Who looks for parenting info? New or young mothers? Dads that have found themselves suddenly single? Parents of kids with behavioral problems? All of the above...and all of them are different micro-niches...but it's the parents who have kids with attitude (or health problems) who will most eager to buy - there's your niche.

    How do you target that niche? By writing articles about the PROBLEMS those parents face - not the product you're promoting - because nobody is Googling an ebook they have never heard of, right?

    Make sense? Things like this will become second nature soon - you wouldn't abandon your can if you came to a red light so keep persevering, you'll get there.

  3. Typo!! You wouldn't abandon your CAR if you came to a red light...