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Ready To Make Your First Profitable Blog? (Setup Guide)

Blog Marketing is one of the cheapest
ways to get you foot in the door and
 start making some big bucks
The truth is, as long as you are working for "The Man" you will never be paid your worth. Think about it. If you only work 40 hours a week and you (are supposed to...ha!) sleep for 70 hours per week then we only have 168hrs in a week. You only have 58 hours left and... be many of those hours are spent doing what you really want?

But you don't need convincing, do you? You're here because you already know that and you want to either supplement your income or tap into that never ending steam of easy income that is online shopping. One of the most effective ways of making some "easy" and legit money online is blog marketing.

I cannot think of a better way to get started. You can begin marketing:
  • without a website
  • without a product
  • without any start up costs (or minimal at least - like...less than $30 "minimal," not the Only $299!! Buy Now "minimal")
  • with nothing but the sweat of your brow...I mean fingers
  • and you can make a small fortune doing it.
I know I have mentioned it before but there are bloggers who manage to pull in five and six figure incomes. Sounds almost to good to be true, doesn't it?

C'mon...have I ever lied to you?  (Can I hear people clicking the back button? lol) Trust me when I say, this is one of the best things you will ever come across online.

We are going to examine a huge deal of info today including:

  • How to choose a niche
  • How to choose a blog title
  • Where you can get your blog (up to ten of them!) - free
  • What content you will put in your blog
  • We're going to get you a PayPal account (free)
  • And a ClickBank account (free)
  • Then you are going to and your affiliate links to your content and (hopefully...with a little practice) start seeing some money coming in to your PayPal account
  • You have already learned your first lesson...I like free. Stick with me and I'll get you sorted!
I have even included a checklist for you 
(right at the bottom of this post)

First things first. So what are you going to blog about? Thats up to you. If you are absolutely stuck, just jump in there and start writing about your journey to a million dollars. It will be nice to one day look back and see your progress. You can think about a profitable blog once you have learned the ropes with you private one.


If you have your wits about you, I want you to work with me for a moment.

You may have heard it before; "Find a niche and sell to them" and "Find something you are passionate makes it easier to stay interested"

Great advice...but how do you choose a niche? And is you favourite "interest" something that is profitable?

For the purpose of this blog, I want you to have a think about the magazine aisle. If you choose a niche based on something that you would find in a magazine then at least you know that there is money to be made - no money, no mag's right?

There is literally thousands of options here - money, boating, fishing, dogs, teens, software, computer games,  gardening, shooting, painting, weight loss, healthy living, golf, bridal, housekeeping, pregnancy, crafts, cars, tattoo's, cooking....

Need I go on?

Just give a little thought to whether or not you will find trouble matching products to your niche though. For example, if you were to write about yachting, are you going to have trouble finding something that's worth your effort to advertise? What can you advertise? 

If you think outside the square then you can find something (and if you find something to do with yachts, you will make a killing - owning a yacht is very expensive business) but you don't want to build an empire on one product. In fact you can't build an empire on just one product (nor just one site). You can cover more ground with multiple products. 

I know dieting has been done to death (it's a highly competative market) but let's have a look at it. You can break this niche down into sub-niches and mirco-niches and that's where you'll have more success. Think post-partum (new mum's) diets, winter weight loss, what the star's are doing, organic diets, pregnancy diets, pre-wedding diets...see where this is going?

The name of your blog should reflect the content - and the niche itself - to be traffic and search engine friendly. 

You ready? 

Go ahead...I want you to right click on the orange B at the top left corner and open open a new tab (or window) You are going to join the ranks of millions of other Bloggers around the world.

You there? will need to fill in the details and sign up for this free service (I like free) which is provided by Google.

So you have a niche, you have an idea of the type of content you want to include and you are going to check and see if the name of your blog is still available. If it has been taken, think outside the square - you'll have to do this a lot.

So if Making Money Online was already taken, you might choose....

How to make money online

Online money making

Making money the easy way

Making money the fast way

....the cheats way
...the smart way
...the clever way

See how that works? Great! I can see the dollars lining up right now!

Customize Your Blog
Before you get started filling your new site (congratulations!) with content you are going to take about five minutes fiddling with the appearance of your blog. Customize it and  make it your own. Five minutes tops. I want to see you back here in five minutes - you do not, repeat 


...want to get distracted by the "shiny things" that will deter from the content you are about to add. Find a nice lay out. Choose a nice colour scheme. Pick a nice background.

Five minutes (I'll be timing you)...GO!

Filling you blog with content
Well done, little longer than expected but the first time is always is. You'll get the hang of it. So now we are filling your new blog with content. There is no easy way to do this, once you have a steady income then you can outsource and get other people to write your articles and posts for you.

If you aren't a world class author, then this stage is intimidating. Right click on the following link(s) and chose open in new tab (or window). I'll wait here for you. ;-)

==> That Ol' Content Is King Chestnut - will give you the knowledge you need about writing great content

==> How long should my Article Be? - also has some gems

Before I send you rushing off to write your first post...

Monetizing Your Blog
AdSense is one solution
 but it isn't going to make you rich. You can
 find the details in your blogs Dashboard
Do you have a PayPal account? (No? Right click and open another tab so you don't lose your place here.)

And you also need to wander over to Clickbank and open an account if you don't already have one. They will ask you a hundred and one question about who you are (and how to pay you so you need your PayPal details). Choosing Clickbank product is a whole new kettle of fish but let's run over the basics quickly.

ClickBank - Choosing the "Right" Product

Once you are signed up and logged in you are going to click on the tab at the top that says Marketplace. This is where you are going to type in some keys words that are closely linked to your niche or the topic of your first post.

Don't get to hung up on the details - it's not what you sell it's who you sell to remember - but you want to find a product that pays you more than $20...this isn't a rule, it's my preference. If you are going to spend all this time making a blog and opening a PayPal account and filling your blog with content then you deserve the big dollars, right?

You see that little green writing down the bottom? The one that says Grav? You want to pay a little attention to this. I said a little...not obsess, okay? Clickbank has a formula for working out how popular a product many people gravitate towards it. The higher the gravity the more sales affiliate marketers have made  in the past 6 weeks.

This doesn't mean it will be easy to sell though - it may mean that the market is already flooded with it.

See something you like? Click on the red title of the product and you will be taken to the sales page.

Promoting Your Product
When you are satisfied (even excited) with a product, click the Promote button. Up pops a new window. Fill in your user name (don't worry about the tracking ID just yet).

These addresses are very important - open up a Notepad or Microsoft word document and copy and paste them into what will become you list of affiliate addresses. You can also copy/paste the product details from the Marketplace into your document so that everything is labelled.

Making Your First Post
(Well I'm excited! You have done soooo well getting this far...just a little bit more)

Now you are ready to add content to your blog. Start new post and write an article as outlined in that post I gave you earlier.

==> That Ol' Content Is King Chestnut 

You may like to include the links into the body of your post . For example, if I was writing about how you could make legit money online I could use part of the sentence as the anchor that. =)

Or I could finish by saying...

There you have it, one great way to make money on line. If you want an even better one you will have to visit 

Legit online Jobs

Or I could say...

For more information about being your own boss and working from home then click here to visit the worlds biggest and best database of online jobs.

Another option is also highly effective and it includes adding banners to your site...


I'm thinking you are probably feeling overwhelmed by the masses of information I have just pummeled into your already overflowing brain...


I'm going to let you off the hook! (Can I hear people cheering right now? lol)

We can learn about banners and more about Clickbank tomorrow. Today I want you to focus on this checklist. If you can only do a few things that's fine. Come back tomorrow and just keep chipping away at it.
Be sure to come back soon for more info about using Clickbank and monetizing your blogs.

So your checklist...step by step

  • Open a Blogger account (at Google's This will be your new blog.
  • Choose a niche appropriate name for you blog - sub-niches do better
  • Upload photo's and fill in your public profile (people are nosey!)
  • Sign up for PayPal (in a new tab/window)
  • Make an account at Clickbank (in a new tab/window)
  • Choose a product that you want to Promote (or advertise)
  • Click promote & add you affiliate ID to the new window (and ignore the tracking ID for now)
  • Copy and paste the Domain name and the HTML code (both of the links) into a Word or Notepad document
  • Read my previous article (or post) about ==> That Ol' Content is King Chestnut
  • Write you first post after reading that article
  • Include your affiliate links in the body of your post using the domain name link (the shorter link that was at the top of the window when you were copy/pasting the codes)
  • Publish your post and then View Post
  • Click on your affiliate link (you are going to test it)
  • Scroll down and click on the Download or Buy Now button - don't worry, you're not actually buying it yet.
  • This will take you to the Clickbank order form where your buyers will fill out their payment details. Scroll down to the very bottom of the page
  • Can you see you Clickbank ID?
  • If you can't see your ID then you need to go back to Clickbank and hit Promote again. Make sure you copy and paste the link at the top of the new window that pops up. Replace the affiliate links in your blog post and check again.
  • Write another post 
  • And another...and another! 

Was I confusing? Need more info? 
Leave me a message and I'll get back to you soon.

Look, if you have got this far then I am sooooper proud of you. Once you have finished the checklist, give yourself a break, take the day off. Let all this new knowledge sink in. You deserve a break

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