Friday, 27 May 2011

How to Become an Affiliate Marketer

Every day around the world literally hundreds of webmasters decide to take on affiliates. Don't panic though, the Internet is big enough for all of us. There was recent talk that we would soon be running out of IP addresses...can you believe that? Anyway...why should you be interested in affiliate marketing?

Whether you are a webmaster who is looking tomake a few dollars on the side or this is the first ime you have ever dialed up the Internet (do we still have dial up? lol) you will be interested in affiliate marketing.

Affiliate businesses are everywhere these days with the traditional Clickbank and CJ (Commission Juction) even big name retail stores are nw seeing the huge sums of money being made in this form of advertising. Most businesses are selling either a product or a service.

In return for your advertising efforts - which may be adding a banner to your website or writing a few articles for a content site like Squidoo and including you affiliate link - you are paid a commission. Commissions vary from one product to the next and are as high as 75% for electronic items.

Businesses can get away with offering you such high commission because they have done their work already. If it wasn't for people like yourself advertising their eBook or software, it would be sitting on their hard drives collecting proverbial dust.

There are a few methods of affiliate marketing but we're going to look at the no fuss, no frills, no money approach because if you are new to the Internet then you probably don't have a website or blog ready and waiting for you to fill in the empty spaces with banners and links and I am also guessing that you have more time than money.

One of the simplest and most effective ways to make money with affiliate marketing is by going to Clickbank and creating an account. (Make sure you have a PayPal account too of course).

Pick a product that you know something about - if you're into sports, do sports. If you've been through a divorce, choose something about divorces.

Then wander over to Squidoo or another content site (Ezinearticles, GoArtictle etc) that allows you to add your affiliate links. Choose a user name that related to your topic - this gives you some authority when readers visit you.

Go ahead and begin writing your article (your "lens" if you're at Squidoo). And then another. And then another. Write 5 or 6 or 7 different articles each addressing a different question that you think your readers (or your niche) will be interested in. You should link these articles together wherever possible so that the reader can travel from one to the next.

Research shows that people have to be exposed to a product approx seven times before they will purchase it so you want them to reach that point when they are still with you rather than wondering off back to Google.

In each of your articles, you will try to answer a question that your niche is interested in. People also respond well to title like "Top 5 Ways to Do This" and "Four Tips to Achieving That" Answer the  question thoroughly and include your affiliate link along with a comment like: That's one way to do X, if you want to learn more then visit Y.

It's not your job to sell the product  - you are a match maker. Match the people to the products and let the sales page worry about selling it.

There is much more to article marketing than these few steps and I am going to address them in the coming weeks so keeps you eye out and come back soon

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