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Dictionary of Tech Talk For The New Internet Marketer

If you're new to the whole make legit money online thing then you want to bookmark this page. I often come across people who just can't get their heads around the lingo. It's frustrating enough trying to find a niche and fill your pages with content without trying to figure what on earth SERPS, DNS, and SEO means as well. This post will shave weeks of the learning curve =)

This list is far from finished but I want to get it out there so people can start benefiting from it.

I'll be adding to it constantly and I'll try to keep alphabetical order! Be sure to submit your own comments and queries below - I don't know what you need if you don't tell me ;-)

AdWords - Google product with which you bid for your advert (between $0.20 - $4+) to be displayed on the first page of search results.Your advert is triggered by matchging keywords and you only pay when your advert is clicked otherwise it is displayed for free. Can become very costly and I won'y recommend it until you have a steady source of purchasing traffic to cover the  expenses
AdSense - Google product. In this case, you are paid to display other advertisers AdWords in your webpages and websites. You are paid per click and there are heavy penalties for clicking your own adverts.
Affiliate (Marketer) - Somebody who advertises another persons product in exchange for a commission (Similar to online Avon)
Affiliate ID - The user name or number that is associated with you affiliate account. Can be found on the payments page of the products you advertise too.
Affiliate links - The links that you copy and paste from Clickbank (and other directories) that willl send users to the sales page of the product you are advertising. Scroll down to the bottom of the payments page to check if your Affiliate ID is present to receive your commission for a successful sale.
Amazon - Many article directories allow you to advertise Amazon products within your content as one of many money revenues. You will need to create an affiliate account before including Amazon modules into your article.
Article Directory (Article Farm) - A content website where you can submit quality articles in exchange for backlinks, traffic or exposure.
Article Spinner - The software used to make dozens of fresh new articles from spinning an existing article - when done properly you can publish these articles to dozens of different domains, (adding backlinks to your blog or website) and boost you webpages to the top of Google's search results. When not done properly you can have you site banned.  Details about backlinks and spinning found here.

Backlinks - The way of of boosting your website's status with Google by getting many links from as many different domains pointing to your website, webpages or blog. See Article Spinner.
Bio-Box - Article Directories like EzineArticles do not allow you to put your links in the main body of text but they can be added to your bio box. Luckily for us, once published the reader cannot tell where the body ends and your bio begins so use it wisely to summarize your article and call readers to action (ie "Visit us here at [website or sales pages] for more information"
Blog - Traditionally an online diary of sorts the humble blog has developed into another way for marketers to promote and sell their products. Blogs can also be monetized with AdSense.
Blog Marketing - the only way to start affiliate marketing with no money, no website and no product of your own...Blog marketing is effective but time consuming, hard work and requires your dedication. Click here to get started

Call to Action - The fine art of telling your readers what to do next ie "Sign Up for [something]" or "Visit us at [webpage]" and the popular "Buy Now"
ClickBank - A directory of electronic products (ie eBooks) where you can buy, sell or market different products. Many affiliate marketers get their start at Clickbank
Content - The contents or information of a website, webpage, blog or article - content must be original (to find favour with Google) and helpful (to entice the reader to learn more via your links)
Content Site - A website dedicated to providing information for readers usually in exchange for financial benefits to the authors (such as AdSense, eBay, Amazon and Affiliate links). Content sites do not sell things directly, they are there to serve the readers.
CPA - Meaning Cost Per Action - system where you get pain for your time and work rather than commissions for successful sales
CTR - Meaning Click Through Rate or the number of visitors who follow your links

Dedication, Determination & Downright Stubborness - Essential qualities of successful money makers
Domain - Basically your address on the Internet ie
DNS - Meaning Domain Name Server - or the server that hosts you domain
DNS Pointing - A little bit like call forwarding on your phone- your host points your domain to the website of you choosing. this may be your own site or it may take visitors directly to the sales page of the product an affiliate marketer is advertising

Email Host - The company or server that host your email account (letter box for your domain ie yourname@your

Hop link - A term unique to Clickbank meaning the link which is embedded with your affiliate ID
Host - See Web Hosting
Hubs - A term unique to meaning article
HubPages - An Article directory where you can earn money and add links in exchange for quality and original articles.

Keyword - A phrase or question type into the search engine. The longer the keyword, the more specific the results

Legit Online Jobs - A directory of business who are searching for everyday people to get paid cash for online work ie advertising, data entry jobs, proof reading, surveys etc
Lens - A term unique to meaning article
Long Tail Keywords - A long descriptive keyword. The longer the keyword, the more desperate the searcher for information or a solution (the closer they are to opening their purse strings)

Micro-niche - A market within a market. People searching for very specific information and products within their demographic
Modules - Content sites provide you, the author, with different modules to create your articles. Examples include the text module, photo module, links module, Amazon module, video module etc. Use as many as required to break your information into easy to read paragraphs and fill your articles with pictures. Some content sites also offer modules that allow the reader to interact with the webpage such as a poll module - these can  be very effective for keeping the reader on the page

Niche - A market of people of a certain demographic
No Thanks - What you should say to all those sales pages that promise you instant success via backlinking schemes, magic software, Google loopholes etc. 

Optimized (Search) Results - The number of searches that show up when you search a keyword
Organic (Traffic) - Free traffic that comes from people finding you with their Search Engine

Page Rank - The position of a website, webpage ori blog on the list of search results
Page Results - The list of search results that appears after you type a search term (or keywords) into a search engine
PayPal - An safe and secure middle man for all your money transactions - don't have an account, get one.

Sales Page - The page that sells a "must have" (membership, software, products etc). A good sales page will look attractive, have an enticing first look and be easy to read (big blocks of text are broken down). May or may not include video and/or audio which, when made properly, has an effective impact on potential buyers
Search Engine - 70% of users prefer Google as their favourite Search Engine. Others include Bing,
SEO - Search Engine Optimization. Getting to the top of the Search Engine Page Results (SERPS) If you are at the top of the results you are going to get more traffic and in theory more sales
SERPS - Search Engine Page Results. When you type a keyword into the Search Engine you are provided with a Page of Results. Just sayin'!
Servers - The computers that are rented to host your domain on the Internet
Squidoo - An article directory that allows you to place affiliate links in exchange for unique and valuable info
Sub-niche - A market within a market ie Pregnant with twins or Poodle owners

Traffic - The number of visitors coming to your webpages. In theory, the more traffic, the more money they bring however not all traffic converts into sales.

URL - The exact web address beginning with http:// or https://  for sites with valid security certificates

Web Hosting - Like your little block of land that you rent from the king. You approach a Host and rent space on their servers - it's your little space on the Internet. - a friendly place to get started but they don't allow you to add affiliate links. There is a legitimate way to get around this and I will go into more details about that soon. In the mean time. is another article directory that does allow affiliate links. I found the learning curve a little bit steeper personally but you will need to figure them both out eventually!

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