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Choosing And Targeting A Niche - Light Bulb Moment!

When you are new to marketing one of the first questions presents itself is how to choose a niche. And it's a great question. How do you choose a niche? How do you choose a niche that is profitable? How do you choose a niche that isn't already flooded with the big boys? So today we are going to go through it again.

Most of the advice you will find online will tell you to choose a niche that you know a lot about and you are interested in. Might not be so profitable if you love cooking. Most of the traffic will be housewives looking for something quick to throw together for dinner. They aren't interested in buying something. They want free information. 
That doesn't mean that you can't sell to this market and there are many who do...but it requires you to think outside the square and find something enticing. Not so easy for a new marketer to crack.
Before we go on, I need you to think about what the issue is because choosing a profitable niche and targeting a profitable niche are two very different things.

So have a look through some of my older (or newer) posts and pinpoint the problem.
Perhaps you want a strategical step by step plan for Turning a Free Blog Into a Profitable Website (Four steps for targeting a niche and what to do with it)

Still here?
So you need a niche that is foolproof?
A sure fire niche that is guaranteed to be profitable straight out of the gate?

And you want me to choose one for you? Sorry guys! But what I can do is arm you with  the information that will help YOU chose a profitable niche that makes money and recognize when a niche is an untapped goldmine...or a dud.
Sound fair? Great, let's go!
You have heard me say it before....

My advice for the new marketer is not to chose a niche that you love.
Crazy I know. My advice is to model a magazine you love. And I'll tell you why you've just found the perfect model to follow.
When you walk into the magazine aisle, what do you see? You find very specific and targeted information that people are looking for. Each magazine is targeting a single niche, right? So go and grab one of your own mag's and let's really break this down.
Have a look at the front cover. What can you see? That's right.

Each headline on that cover is targeting a sub-niche of people - a market within a market.

And is this niche profitable? Of course it is, it's very profitable otherwise the mag wouldn't exist. Now open your magazine. See that?
So now we know that not only is this magazine making so much money that the owner can afford to pay for editors, writers, photographers, printing costs, distribution costs and all the other expenses involved in a brick and mortar business but it is also a great mentor for you to follow.
Tell me, would you have bought that magazine if you opened it up and instead of finding useful or interesting info, you found one long article that basically read like one long advert?

Of course not.
Warning: Lightbulb Moment
That is one of the most common mistakes I see when new article marketers beginning writing content. They  are so eager to make their first sale that they in essence write about the product they are promoting instead of writing
useful content for the reader.

 People are searching for information. Knowledge. And you know what, it takes real self discipline to accomplish sometimes. The owner of that magazine gets heaps of money - crazy amounts of money - from advertisers. The better those advertisers do, the more demand for the best pages in the mag and the more money the owner can charge for a place in the mag.

These owners and editors are basically a twisted form of Affiliate Marketers - they are promoting other peoples products - and they are just as desperate to make a sale as you are because without those adverts, the mag just wouldn't exist. The trick is...they do it tactfully. It's a proven marketing strategy. The trick is to get people visiting by providing them with great original content - just like you should target your niche with useful, quality content.

But you want to do better than that. you want return visits because we know that the average shopper has to be exposed to something about eight times before they click through and buy - you want to keep people on your webpage long enough to reach that stage. So you had better make the first visit count by captivating the...with useful, quality information.
We want to zoom in as much as possible and target a small area of a niche - a market within a market. Would you rather be the biggest fry in the smallest pond?

Or the smallest fish in the ocean?

There are some really big websites and companies that dominate the niche itself so we have more success when we focus on a sub-niche or a micro-niche.

So instead of targeting dog owners we want to target Labrador owners. Or Springer Spaniel owners. Or the owners of Springer Spaniels that live in apartments. See how this is targeting a very specific micro-niche? 
These people are more likely to convert into paying customers because you are targeting their specific needs. You are more likely to stay on target when writing your content because you aren't trying to cover all the variables. 
You are more likely to hit the first page of search results when your keywords are Googled. Need another light bulb moment? (Just to make sure that you take your first steps in the right direction)
You don't want to just write a few pages of content about Springer Spaniels.
You want to dominate the mirco-niche. You want to postivley flood your readers with information about them. (Not at the same time though!). You want to present yourself as the Springer Spaniel expert that they know and trust. 
You want to write one article about how to wash a Springer Spaniel. 
Another about how to clean their eyes and ears. 
Another about how to trim their toe nails. 
Another about how to teach a Springer Spaniel to sit and another about how to stay.
Another about funny or mischievious Springer Spaniel anecdote's.
See where this is going?
You're not building a few pages that you hope someone will find in the search engines. You are building an entire house (brick by brick) worth of useful contents each that contains a backlink to your domain (your website or blog ) and an affiliate link to the sales page of the dog training eBook or the dog washing service that you are promoting.
Okay guys...that just about wraps it up for me. Leave your comments (and your questions) below.
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Good luck guys!! You can DO eeet!

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