Friday, 27 May 2011

Blog Your Butt Off

There are a number of free blogging services to choose from these days and they are the perfect stepping stone to making money online. Blogs are so named because the are web logs (an online diary of sorts) andthey can be used for a number of purposes. They are a platform for you to share your thoughts about pretty much anything you like.

We like money =)

So if you are new to marketing and new to blogging then there are some things that you need to consider. The easiest way to get started is to just start. Create an account and get busy penning (so to speak) your thoughts - this is the only way to earn what  it takes to be a blogger. Keep a note of your personal journey so you can track your progress.

Once you are adept at what it takes (because it can require a lot of motivation at times) then you are ready to kick things up a notch and monetize you blog. Blogs have the advantage over the traditional website because they have limited special features - you're not going becaome distracted by the fancy fonts or the flash content ...the shiney things so to speak.

They are also free so you don't have to worry about web hosting and domain names just yet. There are advantages of having your own URL, but as a beginner, you don't need to worry about that just yet. Once you are more capable and your first blogging attempts are bringing in some money then you can move over to another blogging company with your own server and really start customizing and personalizing your little space on the Internet.

So what do you need in a successful and profitable blog? You need to start small. Focus on your niche and provide them with all the information that they could hope for. I know, I know...dogs have been done to death but they are such a good example!

Let's say that you are interested in Poodles (hint - sub-niches are more successful than niches. Just sayin!) and you start blog about them. Fill your posts with everything you can about Poodles - how to train them, how to choose a healthy pup, how to breed them, their diet, how much exercise they need, whether they are child friendly, apartment friendly, training tips...everything.

This  requires a lot of self discipline - Google likes to see active blogs and those that have new posts everyday fare better in SERPs (page rank) than those who have new posts every month. It's not uncommon for bloggers to blog their butts off to the point they reach blogger burn out.

Blogging is only as hard as you make it. There is plenty of marketers out there who are making big money (I'm talking five even six digit numbers here people) using blogging alone. How do they do it?

By starting small like you are just about to, by building up the contents of one blog and then starting another. By constantly keeping on top of their writing and outsourcing when it gets to be bigger than Ben Hur.(That's another big hint...we'll get to outsourcing one day, but let's concentrate on baby steps)

Once you have lots of content, it is easy to monetize your blog....sorta! You can run along and ask Google for an AdSense account which means that whenever your visitors click on one of the adverts displayed in your blog, you receive a small sum of money. The more traffic, the more clicks the more money.


You are not going to get rich with AdSense alone. By affiliate marketing, you can display adverts in and around your blog posts. When readers click through and make a purchase, you receive a portion of the money - your commission. Commissions can be as little as...well, pitiful to as much 75% of the sale.

Blogging can be challenging but if you want to earn how to make money online this is the perfect place to start - if you can become successful at blog marketing, you can become successful anywhere. I don't say that because it's necessarily difficult (though there are a few tricks of the trade), I say that because of the diverse range of skills you will pick up in your blogging career.

Do not expect to see a small fortune made over night. It takes time to build up a fan base and boost your ranking with Google. It takes time to write new content everyday and to advertise you products. And once one blog fills up, you need to go ahead and start another.

But once you learn how to blog successfully, you will never look back.

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